Thursday, May 23, 2013

MG RMS-108 MARASAI Review (Part 1)

Hey guys! Long time no see. Well, its been a while since i updated *cough cough*. Anyways i have been constantly studying for my exams as this is a very important year for me and for Malaysian's that are in Form 5 and that will be around Grade 10-12? Well its the grade that you have a big exam and go to college. Figure that out yourselves. Moving on, i have started a build on the MG Marasai and i am going to do a review of it. Thus, here are the pictures! 

 The Boxart.

 Opened up! 
 Plates A and B
 Plates C and D
Plates E and F
 Plates G and H
 Plates I and J
 Plates J and Polycaps, Beam Sabers and Sticker Sheet.
 The Front Cover  of the Manual (Classic MG style front cover)
The Back Cover of the Manual

Well that it for now. Stay tune for Part 2! 

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