Monday, October 29, 2012

Latest Gundam MOD W.I.P.

Hey Guys sorry i have not be active lately.. anyways i really got to change my blog header on top there.. its been a problem for me since i last posted. I actually have been working hard for my exams and i hope you guys do not mind of me making this blog dead for a while. :) Ok now to the good news. I have been doing some building of kits and custom builds. My custom Gundam now is a HG Zaku 1 Sniper Type Unicorn Version. I used a RG Zaku II frame and a few parts from the sniper type since its similiar. It was a long two weeks and finally i have my final product. Its not painted yet but i will paint it in the coming month. So please bare with me and i will try to do my best to make this blog as alive as it were. Thanks for reading! The following pictures is my final product of the Zaku I Sniper Type Unpainted. Peace.

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